ROMO Wind is the independent and exclusive provider of the unique iSpin system, a revolutionary approach to wind measurement.

The iSpin spinner anemometer measures the wind where it makes sense: in front of the rotor at the spinner, where the wind first hits the turbine. Our goal is to provide you with better insights to ensure that your turbines reach their full potential. By measuring all the significant wind parameters, iSpin can help you with wind power optimisation, avoid unnecessary loss and even extend the lifetime of your wind turbines.

The iSpin advantages at a glance

Performance monitoring

With iSpin, you will be able to verify and optimise the efficiency of your wind turbine by monitoring the power curve. iSpin lets you know when acute and chronic influences are impacting the performance.

Higher yield

With iSpin, you can increase the productivity of your wind turbine. iSpin identifies and helps you with wind turbine adjustment. It helps your turbines reach their maximum potential.

Lower loads

With iSpin, you can increase the life of your turbine by reducing loads. By measuring and calculating yaw misalignment, wake sectors and much more, you can improve your wind farm management. You can profit from shorter down-time and lower maintenance costs.


The power of iSpin in detail

iSpin uses ultrasonic frequences to measure and calculate all relevant wind parameters. Using the measurement abilities of iSpin allow uniquely deep and accurate wind condition insights.

iSpin can help you with

  • Individual Turbine and Holistic Wind Farm Optimisation
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Reducing Turbulence Intensity Effects
  • Curtailment Downtime Reduction
  • Accurate Bat Control
  • Monitoring Flow Inclination
  • Life Time Extension of Turbines
  • Power Curve Evaluation
  • Correction of Yaw Misalignment
  • Testing of Turbine Adjustments and Retrofit Options

More on iSpin

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Here you will find detailed information on wind turbine optimisation, the importance of wind data accuracy and the iSpin spinner anemometer technology.

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Benefit from a win-win partnership with ROMO Wind

Get the iSpin system and optimise your wind turbines

Every wind turbine should tap its full production potential.

With iSpin you get the highest data quality at the lowest competitive price.

In return you get installation and calibration, data collection, regular reports, analysis and alerts, and service and maintenance of iSpin. The best thing is that the additional yield, which can be generated by correcting yaw misalignment, can more than cover the service fee.


"The measurements taken with iSpin provided us with an annual additional yield of 275.000 Euros, with the 19 turbines producing on average 182.500 kilowatt hours annually"

Dr. Claus-Eric Gärtner, Managing Director of BVT Windpark Sustrum/Renkenberge

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