Bat Control Shutdown

Reduce unnecessary bat related curtailment with accurate iSpin measurements 

Bat control shutdowns are important for the preservation of the bat population.


graph showing the differences in SCADA bat shutdown and iSpin bat shutdown
In this example, iSpin would enable the farm owner to produce 43.828 kWh more energy compared to what they can achieve based on SCADA metrics.
Oranges and green boxes


SCADA data relies on low quality wind speed and temperature measurements. Reliance on SCADA data can therefore lead to taking actions that may reduce your energy output unnecessarily.

With the high quality data provided by iSpin you can avoid unnecessary shutdowns. With accurate wind speed and temperature measurements, bat control shutdowns will only affect your energy production minimally. 

As can be seen in the graph above, iSpin allows for faster start up time after bat control shutdowns which lets you produce more energy - for every shutdown you can reduce the amount of production lost.


iSpin provides you with all the relevant wind data to ensure the maximum production of your wind turbines, whether it is a large wind farm or single wind turbine operations.