Detect True Under-performers

Using the iSpin Guardian Reports you can easily discover over- and under-performers

Performance monitoring and detection of over- and under-performers require accurate and precise data - the more accurate and precise data allows for better monitoring and concurrent optimisation.

Graph with orange, green and blue lines

          We can easily spot outliers and give you recommendations for adjustments in order to improve your AEP.


iSpin alternatives:

  • Nacelle anemometers: Low data quality, heavily affected by wake, limited measurements 
  • Lidar systems: Expensive, temporary

Relying on these measurement options might result in detection of false under-performers, not discovering or ignoring true under-performers. 

iSpin Guardian Reports:

  • iSpin system: Highest quality data, cost-effective, permanent installations, analysis of data. 

With the iSpin measurements you can easily detect true under-performers. By opting in for the iSpin Guardian Reports you can easily compare your under-performing turbines with normal performing turbines in your fleet as well as the production output of turbines of the same model in the iSpin database. 


The accurate detection of over-performing turbines allows you to discover new ways of optimising the rest of your fleet. 

By analysing the iSpin data from the over-performing turbine, we can help you determine, whether it is possible, to increase the production of similar turbines in your fleet.  

Read more about iSpin Guardian Reports HERE


iSpin provides you with all the relevant wind data to ensure the maximum production of your wind turbines, whether it is a large wind farm or single wind turbine operations.