Lifetime Extension

Use iSpin site condition measurements to optimise your assets

iSpin measures the primary factors which affect the lifetime of your turbine, allowing you to get actionable insights on how to make your components last as long as possible and reduce your operating and maintenance costs.

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iSpin life time extension

iSpin gives you precise data which can extend the lifetime of your turbines in a number of ways:

  • Reduction of Yaw Misalignment

  • Measuring of Key Environmental Parameters Affecting Your Turbines

  • Reduction of Uncertainty in Remaining Useful Lifetime Calculations

  • Recommendations Based on Real Measurements and Independent of OEMs

  • Curtailment Strategies

  • Active Load Management

HDHQa: the technology to extend turbine life time

ROMO Wind and Nabla Wind Power's exclusive technology solution enables you to make advanced wind sector management (WSM) through real-time analysis and predictive functionality

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  • 24/7 online hybrid data analytics tool

  • Combines high quality operational turbine iSpin data with the most detailed independent aeroelastic models by Nabla Wind Power

  • Monitors and displays all relevant parameters related to the entire wind park and individual turbine: revenues, performance, health, useful life and extreme events

  • Triggers immediate notification of troubleshooting actions

  • Creates baselines and key performance indicators based on physical models, site specific conditions and turbine and wind park design characteristics


iSpin provides you with all the relevant wind data to ensure that you wind turbines live up to their fullest potential, whether it is a large wind farm or single wind turbine operations.