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Paris, 22/1-21
GE's Vortex Generators enable Valeco Group to improve production at its Champs Perdus wind farm by 1.5%

With an independently validated optimization of 1,5%, GE’s Vortex Generators prove an excellent investment for customer Valeco Group. Confident in their technology, GE now has independent validation of their Vortex Generators from iSpin’s precise wind measurements. Furthermore, Valeco Group can confidently invest in further wind farm optimization.


Hamburg, 24/11-20
Building authority cancels curtailment demands for German wind farm

Wind farm owners celebrate as their wind turbines are no longer subjected to excessive curtailment regulations and have increased the AEP with over 17%


Paris, 12. December
EOS Wind France deploys the iSpin technology on all its Senvion wind turbine fleet

EOS Wind France extends its iSpin portfolio to it's entire Senvion wind turbine fleet of 44 turbines. The spinner anemometer will provide accurate wind data to optimise production, performance monitoring and turbine lifetime. 


Koszalin, 10. December 2019
iSpin triumphs on the Polish wind energy market with new cooperation with PGE EO

Combining forces, ROMO Wind, WindHunter and PGE optimise wind farms Galicja
and Kisielice in Poland.


Paris, 5. November 2019
ROMO Wind: First long term deployment of the iSpin technology on a French wind farm

On top of being the first wind farm in Latin America equipped with the innovative iSpin technology Ste Rose wind farm in Guadeloupe is also the first French wind farm to have a long-term deployment of iSpin.


Paris, 20th of September 2019 
iSpin/ROMO Wind: Independent data expert once again acknowledges the importance of correcting yaw misalignment on wind turbines

A collaborative effort between wind farm operator EOS Wind France, their OEM, ROMO Wind and WinDataMax supports findings that yaw correction plays an important role in the optimisation of wind turbine production.


Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain and Zug, Switzerland - May 2019: Nabla Wind Power and ROMO Wind AG collaboration to boost independent wind turbine lifetime optimization

The collaboration between Spanish Nabla Wind Power’s hybrid data analytics tool
and ROMO Wind’s unique iSpin technology promises great advances in independent
wind turbine lifetime monitoring and optimization.


Hamburg, Germany - May 29, 2019: Kittlitz II wind farm: Spinner anemometer iSpin detects the impact of additional turbines on turbulence intensity and yield 

Wind turbine optimiser ROMO Wind is to equip all eight Vestas V90 turbines in the
Kittlitz II wind farm with its iSpin spinner anemometer. The patented ultrasonic wind
measurement at the tip of the hub detects all relevant wind data directly in front of
the rotor. Repartner Wind, owner of the wind farm in Brandenburg, Germany,
identifies yield capacity, loads and turbulence intensities before and after the
installation of six turbines over 130 metres high nearby in the main wind direction.



Koszalin, Poland and Hamburg, Germany - April 19, 2019: Spinner anemometer iSpin now also available in Poland – Distribution by windhunter-serwis

Swiss-Danish wind turbine optimiser ROMO Wind is now making its patented iSpin
spinner anemometer available in Poland. The exclusive local sales partner is
windhunter-serwis. The patented ultrasonic wind measurement at the hub tip, which
detects all relevant wind parameters directly in front of the rotor, will be available to
the Polish market from June 2019. iSpin guarantees more comprehensive, accurate,
visible and actionable data than nacelle anemometer and Light Detection and
Ranging (LiDAR) measurements, it also offers significantly better value than LiDAR



Fano, Italy and Zug, Switzerland – April 5, 2019: eTa Blades and Romo Wind to collaborate to help wind farm owners and operators to improve the performance and extend the life time of their aging wind assets

eta Blades and Romo Wind earlier today announced their cooperation to provide customers with solutions to improve the performance and extend the life cycle of the
growing number of aging wind farms.


Asahikawa, Japan and Zug, Switzerland - January 17, 2019 - Wind farm performance optimisation and monitoring based on the iSpin technology now available in Japan distributed exclusively by Hokutaku Ltd.

Hokutaku Ltd and Romo Wind AG announced that Hokutaku will exclusively distribute, install, maintain the iSpin technology and conduct the measurements for customers in Japan based on the iSpin technology in order to help the Japanese wind farm owners and operators to optimise and monitor the performance of their wind farms.


Zug, Switzerland – November 8, 2018 – Innovative iSpin technology selected to monitor the performance at Vattenfall’s European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre

11 Vestas V164-8.4 MW turbines in Vattenfall's  European Offshore Wind Deployment Center (EOWDC) in Aberdeen Bay, Scottland, have been provided and equipped with the iSpin technology and measures the site wind conditions since commissioning in August 2018. The iSpin equipment will help Vattenfall understand the performance and any changes to the performance of all the wind turbines, as well as give them the opportunity to improve the performance of the wind farm.



Paris, France – February 12 2018 – iSpin to be installed on an entire wind farm, owned by Zephyr Energies Renouvelables (France).

After successfully running a demo project on a first turbine within the wind farm La Renardière (Loire-Atlantique), the operator Zephyr Energies Renouvelables will now deploy the iSpin technology on the whole wind farm. Made of 6 Senvion MM92 wind turbines commissioned in 2010, this wind farm will be the first one in France to be entirely equipped with iSpin.


Rome, Italy – November 21 2017:  iSpin installed on entire ERG Power Generation 30 MW windfarm

In September 2017, after running successfully a demo project, ERG Power Generation decided to install iSpin on 15 V80 2 MW turbines at the wind Farm Poggio Imperiale. Measurements showed yaw misalignments of over 8 degrees on average, with 5 turbines showing more than 10 degrees.


Zug, Switzerland – November 7, 2017:   ROMO Wind AG is Named in the 2017 Global Cleantech 100 Ones to Watch List

The GCT 100 Ones to Watch list seeks to highlight a group of up-and-coming companies that are catching the eye of leading investors and corporates in the market. The companies made the top 250 in this year’s Global Cleantech 100 program and carry pockets of strong support among the GCT100’s Expert Panel…



12 June 2017: – Massimo Derchi appointed new Member of the Board of Directors of ROMO Wind Holding AG

At the last meeting of the shareholders of ROMO Wind Holding AG, Massimo Derchi was elected as new member of the board. Massimo Derchi is currently strategic advisor of renewable energy and infrastructure companies. Prior to this position he was in charge of the renewable energy business of ERG Renew from 2011 to 2016….


New York, 24 April 2017 – 10 companies chosen as 2017 New Energy Pioneers at tenth annual Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in New York City

Innovative companies from around the world recognized as agents of change in the field of clean energy technology and business transformation
Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) is pleased to announce its selection of the 2017 New Energy Pioneers – game-changing innovators that are revolutionizing the energy sector. The diverse group is active in many different parts of the energy system, responding to market gaps and new opportunities in areas such as data, storage, digitalization, heating, advanced transport and energy access.


29 September 2016: iSpin Guardian approach provides transparency in wind farm performance monitoring

ROMO Wind’s iSpin Guardian approach allows wind farm operators to monitor and actively manage the performance of every wind turbine in a wind farm at any time during its lifetime, independent of site complexity. The iSpin Guardian approach, which uses patented spinner anemometer technology, allows operators to compare the performance of individual turbines in a wind farm for the very first time. ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands) has evaluated the approach.

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22 September 2016: Thüle wind farm: 3% more production through wind measurement at the spinner – iSpin technology detects yaw misalignment

The patented iSpin wind measurement technology has been installed on two of the Vestas V80 turbines in Energiekontor’s company-owned Thüle wind farm, enabling wind measurement directly at the spinner. The result of the measurements: both turbines were affected by yaw misalignment of 8 degrees, and after correction on average 3.2 percent more production could be achieved. Now the wind farm operator plans to equip further turbines with the iSpin system.

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24 May 2016: Vattenfall and ROMO Wind publish performance data verifying that iSpin technology accurately measures wind farm performance

Danish-Swiss wind turbine optimiser ROMO Wind together with Vattenfall carried out a performance measurement project at Nørrekær Enge wind farm in Denmark using 13 Siemens 2.3 MW turbines. The goal was to compare the power curve measurement results of an IEC-compliant met mast, a nacelle LiDAR, and the iSpin spinner anemometer. The results show that only the iSpin technology enables reliable and replicable wind turbine performance measurements on all turbines in the wind farm. Within a confidence interval of 95%, the comparable wind turbines were observed to be operating within only 0.3% of AEP to each other and the power curve verified reference turbine. The raw measurement data is available in an online data sharing portal and interested experts are invited to analyse and confirm all data and results.

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03 February 2016: Spinner anemometer technology can now be used to measure power curves in accordance with IEC standards

The spinner anemometer technology of Danish-Swiss wind turbine optimiser ROMO Wind can be used to cost-effectively measure the power curve of every single turbine in a wind farm. This has now been confirmed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which has published a new clarification sheet. The document describes the calibration procedure for norm-compliant use of the precise patented measuring technique directly at the spinner of a wind turbine. 

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17 November 2015:  BaxEnergy and ROMO Wind start cooperation – new wind data joint service available for wind farm operators

BaxEnergy, a leading provider of software for controlling, monitoring and analysing data from renewable energy power plants, and ROMO Wind, provider of the patented iSpin spinner anemometer technology, are now offering their combined services. The bundled services allow customers to benefit from the exact wind data delivered by ROMO Wind’s measurement technology iSpin, which measures the wind in front of the rotor.


12 November 2015: ROMO Wind starts operations in France

The Danish-Swiss wind turbine optimiser ROMO Wind is extending its business activities to France. Local contact and support regarding the company’s innovative spinner anemometer technology iSpin is now also available for wind farm operators in France.

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5 October 2015: UpWind and ROMO Wind start strategic partnership for American market

UpWind Solutions, Inc., North America’s leading independent full service provider for the wind industry, and ROMO Wind, a Danish-Swiss wind turbine optimizer, have recently entered into a strategic relationship. With the partnership, ROMO Wind’s patented iSpin technology, which measures the wind in front of the rotor, will be available for customers in the USA, Canada and Mexico for the first time.


17 September 2015: The Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs watched demonstration of iSpin technology at HUSUM Wind

The Danish-Swiss wind turbine optimiser ROMO Wind is presenting its patented iSpin technology for measuring wind in front of the rotor at this year’s HUSUM Wind trade fair. Today, Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen visited the stand. He got to know more about the innovative measuring method and watched a demonstration of the iSpin functions.

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14 September 2015: iSpin achieves increase in energy yield of 7.7 percent at the Sustrum/Renkenberge wind park

The Danish-Swiss wind energy optimiser ROMO Wind installed its patented wind measurement technology iSpin, which measures wind directly at the spinner, in 16 Nordtank NTK 1500/64/80 turbines in the Sustrum/Renkenberge wind park (northern Emsland). The results of the measurements: the yaw misalignments in the turbines were between 11.8 and 21.7 degrees. After this had been rectified, yield increased by 7.7 percent on average.

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19 May 2015: ROMO Wind strengthens international team in Italy and the UK

The Danish-Swiss wind turbine optimiser ROMO Wind is continuing to grow and is strengthening its international team in Italy, Great Britain and Ireland.


13 March 2015: DNV GL confirms: two percent higher yield when wind measured at the spinner

The spinner anemometer iSpin detected a yaw misalignment of more than four degrees in 61 per cent of 152 turbines tested. The calculated increase in yield after correction: an average of two per cent. This has been confirmed by a current study by DNV GL (previously GL Garrad Hassan).

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24 September 2014: Large contract with Vattenfall Nordic

Vattenfall Nordic rolls out ROMO Wind’s iSpin technology for permanent installation across its onshore portfolio of large wind turbines.

Read the press release below:

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