Wind Turbine Performance Monitoring

Get the most accurate and holistic turbine performance monitoring with iSpin.

Optimal wind turbine performance monitoring demands the highest quality data as well as 100% turbine insights. With the iSpin technology installed on your turbines we can provide you with the iSpin Guardian reports which gives you complete transparency into the performance of you wind turbines. 


Above you can clearly see the difference in monitoring approaches. Below you will find out how you can get the best performance monitoring on the market.

OEM and Service Company Monitoring:

OEM and service companies often base their performance monitoring on the inaccurate data they receive form the nacelle anemometer. Because of its placement behind the rotor, this anemometer is highly affected by turbulence, making its readings imprecise and inaccurate. You therefore have no clear image of how your turbines are actually performing.

Reference Turbine Monitoring:

Using a reference turbine with a more accurate measurement technology installed offers you a better insight into the performance of your turbines. However, the performance of that single turbine might vary from the other turbines due to site conditions, turbine type, wind conditions and more.

Reference Turbine and MET Mast or RSD (remote sensing devices) Monitoring:

With the combination of a reference turbine and a MET mast/RSD you get better quality data and insights into the performance of all your turbines. However, these systems are expensive, both when buying and throughout the products lifetime, and you are still only provided with the data from one turbine.

iSpin Guardian Performance Monitoring:

Installing the iSpin technology on your wind turbines and opting in for the iSpin Guardian reports you get complete insight into the power performance of your entire fleet. With the highest quality data from the unique iSpin technology you have optimal opportunity to optimise the performance of your turbines.


iSpin provides you with all the relevant wind data to ensure the maximum production of your wind turbines, whether it is a large wind farm or single wind turbine operations.