Turbulence Intensity Effects

Combat Turbulence Intensity Effects with iSpin

Placing turbines in proximity of each other, you risk that they negatively affect each other with turbine generated wake effect. This can result in reduced energy production and lifetime reduction of the affected turbines. 

map with fields and orange and green dots


The turbulence intensity wind rose indicates additional wake
effects created by neighbouring turbines. 


As can be seen in the image above, the iSpin fitted turbine in the middle shows the turbulence intensity effects created by the nearby turbines. 

The increased stress on the central turbine can have a dramatic effect on the turbine's lifetime as its design was not intended for the additional pressure. 

The turbulence intensity measurements provided by iSpin allows you to:

  • Avoid unnecessary curtailment of your wind turbines
  • Avoid unnecessary damage to your wind turbines experiencing turbulence
  • Produce power without damaging wind turbines 
  • Extend the lifetime of your wind turbines


iSpin provides you with all the relevant wind data to ensure the maximum production and minimum wear of your wind turbines, whether it is a large wind farm or single wind turbine operations.