About ROMO Wind

ROMO Wind is an independent technology service provider, setting the highest standards for optimising wind turbine performance

ROMO Wind is a technology and service company and the exclusive provider of the patented iSpin technology. The unique iSpin spinner anemometer system is based on ultrasonic technology and measures and monitors wind conditions where it matters – directly at the spinner, in front of the rotor.

iSpin is able to measure parameters at the nacelle which until now have been difficult or impossible to accurately measure, such as power curve, yaw misalignment, turbulence intensity and flow inclination.

We provide our customers with the best solutions for measuring, monitoring and improving wind turbine performance for a better return on their investment.

Our goal is to make iSpin the standard wind measurement technology for the wind industry. The revolutionary iSpin technology, developed by the Danish Technological University (DTU) has been comprehensively tested since 2004 and was brought onto the market in 2013 by ROMO Wind, who is backed by a group of experienced investors in the sector, including ABB and Yellow & Blue (Vattenfall).

The iSpin system is an independent wind measuring technology intended for permanent installation. iSpin is included in the international IEC 61400-12-2 standard for power performance measurement.

We invite you to share our knowledge of wind turbine performance and operations for higher yield, lower loads and better insights.


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