Our philosophy

Wind knowledge is wind power

ROMO Wind improves wind data quality and transparency. We believe that wind knowledge is wind power. We set new standards for optimising wind turbines by providing accurate information for more insights and better performance.

We believe that a good partnership is based on transparency and incentive alignment. This is why we want to stay independent and are open about our work, so there are no secrets beyond customer confidentiality. Our permanent effort is to adapt our services to the particular needs of our customers.

ROMO Wind strives to remain on the leading edge of technology to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in the wind turbine optimisation technologies to come.

Our core values

We have no secrets about what we do beyond customer confidentiality.

We never leave you with an unresolved issue.

We behave and communicate proactively.

Pursuing excellence:
We always strive for the best solutions.

Our vision

Romo wind corporate presentation