Yaw Misalignment

Improve your yaw misalignment response with iSpin 

With iSpin, you can counteract the effects of yaw misalignment, increase your AEP and get a complete payback on your investment in as little as 6 months, depending on the severity of the misalignment.

Graph showing loss in production due to yaw misalignment
The graph illustrates how the production is affected by yaw misalignment. 

Proper configuration of your wind turbine is essential not only for efficient production but also for ensuring that the turbine achieves its expected lifetime.

When left unaddressed, yaw misalignment can reduce your profitability by:

  • Lower energy production

  • Causing excessive wear and tear to vital components

  • Shortening the turbines useful life span




With its unique placement at the front of the wind turbine, iSpin can accurately detect yaw misalignment and suggest adjustments to your fleet, thereby reducing your operating costs as well as prolonging the lifetime of your wind turbines.


iSpin provides you with all the relevant wind data to ensure that you wind turbines live up to their fullest potential, whether it is a large wind farm or single wind turbine operations.